A lesson to be learned

Another episode from Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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Lake Catherine RV - Hot Springs, AR

2016 Priest Gulch RV, Delores, Colorado

Aki and Jazzy

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine lossed her pet (Jazzy). Jazzy was one of the smartest K-9’s I have ever seen. Here is a short tape of Aki and Jazzy training for search and rescue. There is a sample of human scent hidden under a duck decoy. Watch how Jazzy works the field to find it.

RioGrande - Feb 14th

Bensen Palms RV Resort - Feb. 11th

Gateway to the Gulf RV Park - Feb. 10

Rayford Crossing RV Resort - Oct. 2016 © Tom Hathcock 2015